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I'm a Print & Front End Web Designer currently working in an in-house marketing department at a local Real Estate company so you'll see most projects from there. However I do freelance occasionally and love photography so you'll see a nice collection of projects.

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July 2014


Video Cover image is a huge thing in web design so to stay up to date, I updated the site homepage adding a nice drone scenic view. To lower file size and increase user speed, I had to shorten the video and tried my best to make it loop.

Technical Specs:

  • HTML, CSS, jQuery & Bootstrap
  • Camtasia Pro for looping background video.
  • 2015

    In this 2015 version, I included a CSS3 video feature. This homepage now uses CSS3 to easily display a video as the main background cover image. Unlike in the past, we don't have to rely on Flash or other video plugins to accomplish this. I also utilized Bootstrap as my responsive web design base. This video was created using Camtasia Studio to create a burns effect combining a few relevant photos, text & logos.

    The tough part is always cross browser compatibility. CSS3 videos are widely adopted however iOS still does not fully support it. For a work-a-round, I included a filler image in case the browser does not support it.

    Technical Specs:

    • HTML, CSS, jQuery & Bootstrap
    • Camtasia Pro for main page video editing.
    • 2014

      I decided to updated Tarbell's home page to include larger background images, sleeker navigation menu, and a few user tweaks on the quick search.

      Technical Specs:

      • HTML, CSS, jQuery - Base of all websites
      • Chrome's Ripple - Utilize for device emulation