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I'm a Print & Front End Web Designer currently working in an in-house marketing department at a local Real Estate company so you'll see most projects from there. However I do freelance occasionally and love photography so you'll see a nice collection of projects.

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eMarketing Advantage Campaign

May 2015


This started out as an email campaign. Since it's such a wonderful tool, why not go all out and create informative landing pages and a teaser video? That's exactly what I did.

Landing Page

Every good email needs a landing page. This was it.

Teaser Video

This was a fun little project. I used what I had at my disposal; Camtasia software from TechSmith. It's kind of a video editing software. Mainly used for capturing your screen for demos and tutorials which I use this for. But I figured, it has the potential to do more. And this is what I came up with.

Technical Specs:

  • Photoshop for email layout and Landing Page graphics
  • Fireworks for hotspot links
  • Simplycast & eCampaign Pro for mass email campaign
  • Camtasia for Video production and editing
  • Dreamweaver for Landing page