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I'm a Print & Front End Web Designer currently working in an in-house marketing department at a local Real Estate company so you'll see most projects from there. However I do freelance occasionally and love photography so you'll see a nice collection of projects.

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About Me

I'm a Print & Front End Web Designer working in Orange County, Southern California. I currently work for a large family owned real estate business and do freelance jobs from time to time. Design is something I've always loved doing as a kid and luckily enough doing it as an adult and as the saying goes "if you love what you do, you don't have to work a day in your life."

My artistic interests started when I was about 4 years old. Barely being able to draw a straight line, I picked up a pencil and paper and started doodling. I think I still have an actual polaroid of this! My doodling soon turned into refined sketches. Those sketches aided me to a first place prize at my elementary school's drawing and coloring contest. Soon, I found myself taking art classes at the junior high level. Then it stopped! Throughout high school and the early college years, my doodling experiences were non-existent. Then the bug hit once again. I took some art classes at a local community college, transferred to Cal State Fullerton as a Graphic Design major and never looked back.

Winning a few logo design contests, helping others with graphic solutions, and tinkering with different graphic softwares fed my graphic urges until I was employed full-time.

In 2004, I found myself working for Tarbell, Realtor's in-house marketing department. I started out as an entry level Graphic Designer and creatively climbed my way up to the role of Lead Designer and Web UI and Graphics Designer.

Around 2009, I equipped myself with a DSLR camera. A whole new creative outlet sprouted from my creative roots. I instantly fell in love with the quality images these cameras produced.

I am currently steam rolling into the exciting world of web design. I love it so much that it has really turned into more of a hobby. Give me Notepad and a browser and it will keep me busy for hours! Web 2.0 NERD ALERT!

Personal BIO

My childhood memories. Second to youngest child of six, I grew up in a little city called Haverhill in Massachussettes. Even though my family were refugees from Vietnam and had to struggle and adapt to a new country, I was always oblivious to that fact and just enjoyed being a kid. My youth was filled with great memories of laughter and play. Till this day, I still sit and reminisce about walking to school through golden yellow and orange leaves, playing with fellow classmates at the school playground, having snowball fights with my siblings, and eating great food with the family.

In 1990 our family moved over to sunny Southern California. I noticed right away the differences in both climate and culture. The summers are comfortable and the winters aren't that cold. However, I did miss the sight of white snow-capped roof tops and the cancelled school days because of heavy snowfall.

Start of the Design career. 2001 rolls around, and I found myself attending Cal State University Fullerton with a graphic design education plan. Taking art classes helped me build a solid foundation in design and prepared me for the real world. I enjoyed my time there and graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2003.

I took the tools I received from my education and set out to find a job. In 2004 I was fortunate enough to land a Graphic Design position at a large family-owned real estate company. Starting out, my duties were simple graphic design support for the agents; anything and everything from business cards to house flyers to signs. Currently, I'm more involved with the web and technology side but still lend a very helpful hand with print. You can find out more about my at Tarbell here.

Fast forward to present day. I'm happily married to a beautiful and kind-hearted wife of 6 years. She is my exact opposite; ying and yang you might describe them. That's how I like to think of our journey through life together; two opposing elements creating an indescribable force, fighting our way through the dark trenches... OK maybe not EXACTLY like that but we do love action movies! On January 26th, 2015 we were blessed with a baby boy Jordan! He's our pride and joy. Parenthood... It's an amazing journey we are so looking forward to!

When I'm not spending time with my wife, I enjoy playing golf. Actually, I'm addicted to golf! So much so, that I try to wake up at 5am every Saturday to smack that little white ball around. I just love a sport that encompasses the physical, the mental, and the outdoors. When the winter season rolls around, I find thrill and excitement in snowboarding down the mountain slopes.

Fittingly enough, another hobby of mine is graphic design; more specifically web design. I get a lot of joy in turning a few lines of code into something visually stimulating. I find myself constantly tinkering with my website so it's constantly evolving. Hopefully, one day I can be content and leave it alone. Yes, I'm quite a design nerd. I can probably write a book about all my other hobbies and interests, but I'll spare everyone and stop here.